Our Mission

Sun Marine Shipping envisions itself as South Africa's leading end-to-end, sea logistics provider with the corporate strength to break new ground in shipping technology and development. Our vast range of logistic services allow us endless possibilities for growth and development, providing us with a promising future as industry leaders. Our existing international clientele affirms our abilities to deliver, and accredits us as the preferred sea logistics provider across international borders.

We are the ambassadors of shipping innovation and aspire to create tides of change in revolutionising the South African trade industry to levels of global status.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading end-to-end, sea logistics and shipping provider, committed to the success of our partners and the upliftment of our employees. With an anchor cast firmly in our core values and aspirations of greatness, we have set sail for a promising future.

Who We Are

Located in one of South Africa's busiest ports, in KwaZulu-Natal is Sun Marine Shipping. We are an experienced shipping and sea logistics provider that has for many decades built our clientele by providing key value-chain services from customs clearing to freight forwarding. Through our dedicated service excellence and accumulated industry experience we have grown our business from tra ditional cargo movement to African countries (Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Swaziland), to now clearing and forwarding cargo from Japan and the East, with further threads of expanding our organisation to transport to any part of the globe. Through our world-class fleet operations and strong management team, Sun Marine has evolved from transporting to traditional markets in Africa to now being global experts in the movement of motor vehicles from the East to Africa. Sun Marine represents a world of possibilities and is strategically positioned to revolutionise sea logistics.